This collection was made for

those who carry
the spirit of the west
with them wherever they go.

The west calls

The Collection

Samantha Louise Jewelry is deeply rooted in the spirit of the west. The pieces are inspired by the outdoors, by a connection to adventure, and the telling of your own story. It idealizes the symbols, emblems and totems manifested by a life well lived.

The collection is 18K yellow gold mixed with diamonds and colored stones. The jewelry is made to be worn; It is an everyday collection that is designed with attention to craft, color, and quality.

The designer

I began my jewelry career at the Gemological Institute of America, following an Art Degree from the University of San Diego. I have just shy of two decades of experience in the jewelry industry. I spend my days running several businesses in the trade, wholesale, and retail arenas, but whenever I can, I make time to sketch and create new pieces.

When I am not designing or running my businesses, I am outside and with my family as much as possible. In the summer you'll find me digging in the garden, and in the winter, I'm chasing my family down the ski hill. I am an animal lover at heart and relish in time spent running with my pup, Rocky, or at the barn with my daughter's pony, Wonder. My kids keep me pretty busy, and at the same time, inspire me to keep reaching for my goals.

Family, visual story telling, community, creativity, and dreaming big are at the core of who I am. I feel very lucky to have made a career in the design world. The greatest gift that the jewelry industry has given me is the opportunity to be a small part of someone else's journey through the heirlooms I create.

The Symbols

This collection is about the way people all over the world, from various backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems use symbols to tell stories of love, hope, family, identity, heritage and spirituality. SLJ heirlooms are filled with symbols, icons, crests, totems, insignias, and kindred spirits that help tell your story.

These symbol are only a jumping off point for endless icons that might have significant meaning to your life.

This collection is a platform; a blank slate ready to be covered with the stones and symbols that embody you and your story. The heirlooms serve as daily armor, reminding you of who you are, where you came from, and where you are going.

Let's design your story together.