Online Partnership

What's up online...

Our online strategy is focused on our joint success. As a retailer here is what you need to know.

1. Remember when you are logged in.

If you are logged into your account it will say "My Account" on the top tool bar.  It will also say "Wholesale Access" on the main navigation.  When you are logged in the prices on the site reflect wholesale cost.  If you are working with a customer this is super important to remember.  When you are not logged into your account pieces will be set at retail.  Our retail mark up is 2.25.  We recommended this mark up, but of course you are the retailer and your customers are paying for your expertise and support.  Please feel free to mark SLJ however you see fit.

2. Online, social media and blog support.

We love to feature retailers on our blog, direct our customers to partners in their city, and drive SEO through online marketing and social media. This is all part of our online strategy and you are a part of it just by signing up to be a retailer. If you have other great ideas about partnering online we would love to work with you to make those a reality.  

3. We sell a piece, you sell a piece.

Because of our sparkle box program our inventory and your inventory is one in the same.  When we sell a piece online we review your inventory, select a retailer in close proximity to the client, and give you a call to see if you would like to fill the order. We will send you a shipping label. You can use your packaging and branding as an opportunity to invite a new customer in to your store.  We will write you a check for half the retail price (apply the credit your account if you wish). We truly believe that when we sell online you should benefit as well.

4. Use our site!

The Wholesale Access area of our site is filled with tons of information for our retailers.  Learn about what's going on, take advantage of our strategic partnership and use our forms to report a sale or request a sparkle box.  We really want it to be easy AND we are trying to be friendly to the environment by reducing the amount of paper we distribute.

 The best pricing, descriptions and new pieces are all online.  For this reason we don't print traditional line sheets.
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