About SLJ

You've read the "STORY" page but here's the insider scoop....

I am a mother of three, a business woman, an artist, a runner, a gardner and jewelry junkie.  I've been passionate about creating all my life and fell in love with jewelry at a very young age.  I studied at GIA, I apprenticed under Travis Kukovich, and I've grown my business and my craft on my terms over the last 10 years. I've done trade shows, fashion shows, WJA events, and partnered with some of the nation's top retailers.

Samantha LouiseSamantha with DaughterSLJ Trunk

I LOVE my retail partners. I am energized by their passion, their drive and forever learning from their experience in the industry. Shoot me an email, call me on my cell, I am around and available...  When you are the boss you never stop working (sometimes I'm juggling my tiny humans) and I am always dedicated to my love for jewelry and my relationships with my retailers.  My team is growing so if you don't get me I guarantee you will get another lovely individual who is excited to help.

I am soooo proud of where the line is and how far It has come. It is a true reflection of me, my spirit, and my artistic voice... AND I am finding that it resonates deeply with lots women.  I LIVE in my jewelry.  I am always on the go whether it be chasing kids, hitting the trail, working in my garden or designing in the studio.  My customer is too.  She is juggling all the balls and doing it with grace and understated elegance.  My aim is to create jewelry that works with her lifestyle. My hope is that it can become intertwined in her story and cherished for a lifetime.
The core of my collection is rooted in earthy, sophiscated, everyday, heirlooms. I am working in 18K yellow gold with a warm matte finish.  My designs are sprinkled with diamonds...white, champagne, rose cut, and rustic.  I pick goods with exceptional quality because I believe it makes all the difference when your aim is forever.  I stand by the quality of our craft and will happily make repairs and tune ups when needed.

I am pumped about our Sparkle Box program. It is our way of creating a long term relationship with our stores and growing a true partnership that is mutually beneficial. I hope that you will give it a chance. Invest is us and we will invest in you.